Masjid Al Ummah 2018-2019 Evening Maktab Registration is Open.

Children's Islamic Classes - Maktab

Evening Maktab

Evening Maktab runs daily, Monday to Thursday from 5:30pm to 7pm


Children must be at least 5 years old to register

Subjects Taught

Qa'ida (Beginners)
Nazira (Basic Reading)
Hifz (Memorization)
Other Subjects Taught

Aqaaid (Mondays)
Akhlaaq (Tuesdays)
Fiqh (Thursdays)
On an ongoing basis the students also learn, DUAS, SURAHS, KALIMAS, ALLAH'S NAMES, and SALAAT which are monitored individually for each student.

UFD's Islamic Studies Program.pdf


Registration must be done in person by completing a registration form that is available in the Masjid.


Fees are $30 per child.