Full Time Hifz Class

Starting September 3rd, 2024......
For Boys Only This Year
Nazira Completion A Must

Full Time Hifz Program at Ummah Masjid
Complete Hifz in 2-3 years
Monday - Friday (5 days a week)
8:00 am to 7:00 pm

8:00am    - Arrival to School
8:30am    - 11:00am - Sabaq and Sabaq Para
11:00am  - 11:30am - Break/Snack
11:30am  - 12:00pm - Islamic Studies (Akhlaq,Aqeeda,Fiqh,Seerat,Hadeeth,Tajweed)
12:00pm  - 1:15pm - Daur Class
1:15pm    - 2:00pm - Zuhar Break and Taaleem after Zuhar
2:00pm    - 3:00pm - Daur Class

3:00pm    - Home Time
5:00pm    - 7:00pm Mandatory Qur'an Reading time at Ummah Masjid.

**Students will complete their academic studies on their own time.

Hifz Calendar & Holidays
Weekends off
All Statutory Holidays Off
Winter Holidays Off
March Break Off
Ramadan Modified Schedule (10am to 2pm)
Eid Ul Fitr day and day after Off

Eid Ul Adha day and 2 days after Off
***Hifz Classe continues throughout the summer

Download and Complete the
Registration Form
Bring the completed form to the Masjid and give it to Maulana Amir
Call the Masjid Office
(289) 893-1248 if you have any more questions and Maulana Amir will call you back.

The monthly fees for the hifz program is $200 
Please bring a Void Cheque so that Auto deposit can be set up